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Our company was established in 1995 firstly under name of Dannebrog Rederi As – Office Poland and since January 2000 as Weco Marine Services Ltd. Weco Marine main activity is the manning service provided to Danish company Dannebrog Rederi AS.

Weco Marine, as a member of Dannebrog Group, is responsible for creating and following the Crewing Strategy related to the vessels being under Technical Management of Dannebrog Rederi (www.dannebrog.com).

Chemical tankers and liner shipping are the two segments where Dannebrog placed the shipping activities. Please see www.wecoshipping.com (tankers) and www.nordana.com – (dry cargo vessels in liner services and also in charter for external clients) for specific information about our core businesses.

Weco Shipping is well-known trading name acting of Dannebrog Rederi's tanker activities. Weco Shipping operates a modern and specialized tanker fleet with the ability to carry almost any type of liquid cargo around the world and especially strong in IMO II and III segments.

Nordana operates two Liner Services. The Ro-Ro service is operating in the trade between the Mediterranean and the Americas, while the conventional service is operating in the trade between the Americas and West Africa. Some of the vessels are operating in liner services for external companies.

Dannebrog Rederi AS owns and co-owns presently 2 tankers and 11 dry cargo vessels (Ro-Ro and Multipurpose Vessels) while two 40 000 dwt tankers and ten multipurpose vessels are on order in Korean and Chinese Shipyards, with delivery time in the years 2009-2010.

Presently over 300 seafarers from various countries (majority from Poland but also highly skilled crews from Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Philippines) selected by Weco Marine Services are employed on board of Dannebrog vessels.

For all seafarers we offer the employment conditions defined by Collective Bargaining Agreements between the Dannberog Rederi AS and ITF affiliated union.

Apart of providing crew related services to Dannebrog Rederi AS, we do also act as a crewing agent for several very reputable owners from Norway and Germany, especially (but not only) in areas of recruitment Polish officers for Crude Oil Tankers, Chemical Tankers and Container vessels.
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